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Region Staff


Commander (CC): Col John R O'Neill (

Aerospace Education

DCS, Aerospace Education (AE): Lt Col Donald M Hahn (

Cadet Programs

DCS, Cadet Programs (CP): Col David M Winters (


Chaplain (HC): Lt Col Donald S Mikitta (


DCS, Communications (DC): Lt Col Jon C Morris (


Counterdrug Director (DOC): Col William E Kay (

Emergency Services

Emergency Services Officer (DOS): Col John N Seten (

Financial Management

Director of Finance (FM): Lt Col David H Sewell (


Legal Officer (JA): Lt Col Jotham T Blodgett (

Information Technology

Director of IT (IT): Maj Matthew I Kopp (

Inspector General

Inspector General (IG): Col Linette M Lahan (


DCS, Logistics (LG): CMSgt Rickey G Franz (

Marketing and Public Affairs

Director of Public Affairs (PA): Lt Col David A Miller (
Director of Recruiting and Retention (R&R):  Maj. Justin T McDowell (


DCS, Operations (DO): Col William E Kay (

  • Region Small Unmanned Aircraft System Program Manager (sUAS): Lt. Col. Richard Larson (

Personnel and Administration

Director of Personnel (DP): Lt Col Anna-Marie Bistodeau (

Director of Administration (DA): Lt Col Leonard D Cassell (

Plans and Programs

Director of Plans & Programs (XP): Lt. Col Arthur Giles  (

Professional Development

DCS, Professional Development (PD): Col Erica R Williams (


Director of Safety (SE): Lt Col Robert L Moore (
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