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NCR Cadet Leadership School

RCLS is designed for Cadet Officers to learn new skills and knowledge they need to be more effective leaders in their home squadrons and wings. The RCLS blends classroom theory with hands-on training to help cadets truly grasp the concepts being presented. There will be pre-RCLS readings, daily assignments, and group discussions on leadership, ethics, and management. The students that attend the RCLS will be expected to staff themselves and maintain the highest standards of academic performance and behavior. The RCLS is academically challenging and the students will have to manage their own time to ensure that they successfully complete RCLS.

To participate, cadets must have completed an encampment and hold the grade of C/MSgt or above.
RCLS or Cadet Officer School are pre-requisites for the Eaker Award.


NCRCLS Class 20-02 is Jul 11-17, 2020
Fort Leonard Wood, MO
Lt Col Shannon Brown, Director,
Cost: $150.00 includes snacks, lunches, and a polo shirt.


How do I register?

1. Purchase a ticket through Eventbrite.

2. You will receive an email with further instructions (CAP Forms to complete, packing list, polo shirt size, etc.).

3. The closest airport is St Louis, Lambert (STL) Airport, MO.  One shuttle will be made if requested on 11 July afternoon for those traveling by air. Return Shuttle if requested on 17 July.  Please contact the Course Director before booking flights.   

Housing: in barracks on Fort Leonard Wood.

Food Allergies: depending on the allergy, if known in advance we can accommodate accordingly.

For cadet officers (RCLS Graduates only) and senior members interested in staffing please contact the course director for information. 


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