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NCR Cadet Leadership School

RCLS is designed for Cadet Officers to learn new skills and knowledge they need to be more effective leaders in their home squadrons and wings. The RCLS blends classroom theory with hands-on training to help cadets truly grasp the concepts being presented. There will be pre-RCLS readings, daily assignments, and group discussions on leadership, ethics, and management. The students that attend the RCLS will be expected to staff themselves and maintain the highest standards of academic performance and behavior. The RCLS is academically challenging and the students will have to manage their own time to ensure that they successfully complete RCLS.

To participate, cadets must have completed an encampment and hold the grade of C/MSgt or above.
RCLS or Cadet Officer School are pre-requisites for the Eaker Award.


Due to conditions in the state of Missouri related to COVID-19, we are following the example of our encampment partners in POSTPONING the RCLS.

Civil Air Patrol is in the process of remobilizing and returning to normal operations. That process requires us to move through three phases on a specific timetable. Currently, we are in Phase 0; Phase 3 is where we would be authorized to hold overnight activities. Given the current timetable, and the requirement to make a decision within 45 days of the activity, we are unable to hold the RCLS at Fort Leonard Wood on the originally scheduled dates.

At this time we have not yet rescheduled the RCLS but are pursuing alternative dates and locations later in the summer. July 1st will be our decision date in which we will inform you if and when we will reschedule. We will release additional information as soon as we have it. If you have already registered and paid for RCLS via Eventbrite, it will be refunded later this week.

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