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NCR Virtual Cadet Competition Academy

North Central Region is hosting a virtual Cadet Competition Academy from 25-27 August 2023. Our aim is to encourage more efficient, more competitive, and more consistent competitions across the region. Members from all regions and units are welcome to participate. We will have three tracks of focus:

- Cadet Competitors
- Senior Escorts
- Judges/Project Directors

Tentative times each day (all in CDT):
Fri Aug 25 from 1830-2030
Sat Aug 26 from 0800-1800
Sun Aug 27 from 0900-1300

Minimum cadet grade to participate: C/Amn (Curry)
No minimum senior grade required

This academy will include a structured schedule of classes and activities, as well as initiatives to help you keep in contact with other members for help and networking post-event. If you are at all interested in participating or instructing at this virtual academy, please fill out one of the below forms to start receiving official academy communication:

Participant Form:
Instructor Form:

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