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NCR Staff College

Region Staff College is an in-depth study of management, leadership, and communications designed to highlight how CAP's missions are accomplished at the region level. The curriculum is completed over 40 classroom hours in a laboratory/seminar environment. Seminar discussions, case studies, and practical exercises will guide Staff College students through these requirements.

This course is designed for Level III and Level IV senior members to help them better execute the duties and responsibilities associated with CAP command and staff positions.  


The next North Central Region Staff College will be held 1-25 July ONLINE. A graduation event will be held at the conclusion of the course.


The RSC will be offered asynchronously via Blackboard coursesites.  
Ten hours of live seminar sessions will be required.  Students will be able to choose from a variety of seminar days and times.
Students will watch the pre-recorded classes, approx. 30-45 minutes in length, at their convenience.
The live classes will be recorded as they happen, and can be viewed later if someone has to miss that event.

Course fee: There is no fee for this course but registration will be conducted through Eventbrite. Seating is limited to 150 and we will allow registrations until 26 June or until the event is sold out.
Form 17s need to have your wing commander's signature, and if you are participating from outside the NCR, you will either need a region commander signature or an email from the region commander stating it is OK for you to attend the NCR virtual RSC. 

Send your approved Form 17 to .  Additional information will be posted before 1 July.

Priority will be given to members who can complete Level 4 during the grandfather period.  
Members who cannot complete Level 4 by May 2021 should plan to transition to the new Education and Training Program.




Lodging is not required for this event, it will be conducted entirely online.


Transportation is not required for this event, it will be conducted entirely online.


Meals are on your own.

 Uniform Of The Day

  • CAP distinctive uniforms: white aviator shirt, polo shirt, grey slacks or AF-style short sleeve, blue uniform if you meet the weight and grooming standards. Refer to CAPM 39-1, Uniform Manual, Ch. 5 for proper wear and instructions. Utility uniforms (BDU’s, ABU’s, or flight suits) are not authorized



How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Maj. Kevin Oliver, via email at


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