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January 2018 Command Trajectory

February 9, 2018

The credo that Major General Smith introduced when he took command is, “One Civil Air Patrol, excelling in service to our nation and our members!”  In his credo, General Smith expresses several key points.  He wants us to be one team and that team includes members of every type, commanders at every level, the national staff, CAP-USAF, and National Headquarters employees.  Working together he knows we can find excellence and make CAP an even more amazing organization that touches and improves even more lives.  Achieving the credo will take all of us working together to break down barriers and making a dedicated effort to be more inclusive in what we do.  A partnership that I am particularly proud of in North Central Region is the work we do with North Central Liaison Region.  Mr. Otto Wachholtz in Nebraska, Mr. Greg Maier in North Dakota, and Lt Col Jeff Meyers are knowledgeable resources who help us accomplish the mission in NCR.  These gentlemen make time to call in and be a part of our monthly meetings, provide excellent guidance, and spend a lot of their weekends working with us.  Thank you to our partners at NCLR! 
The next piece I’d like to draw attention to is that Major General Smith is asking us to “excel in service” in the credo.  Anyone who knows General Smith is aware that he advocates for servant leadership.  I explained a few aspects of servant leadership in the December column.  In this portion of the credo, General Smith wants us to pursue excellence.  I know that NCR embodies excellence in action in many ways but there is always room for improvement.  In 2018, we can all challenge ourselves to be better.  Perhaps we can make a commitment to look at our phones less when we speak with others or to multi-task less as it impacts us more than we know.  Even if you embrace a small change, we can make a big difference.  What will your CAP resolution for excellence be in 2018? 
Finally, General Smith asks us to serve our nation and our members.  CAP members have long served their nation with pride; however, we sometimes forget how important the people are in the equation.  All of us can serve our members better.  Take a few minutes and think about how you can help your fellow members more in 2018.  Can you mentor someone?  Can you be more aware of when others are struggling and proactively offer to help them?  Can you prepare yourself by getting more fit, so you can keep up with the cadets more easily?  The options are endless!  Let’s all work to make time and to try to serve our fellow members in 2018.

My travel schedule is always a little lighter in January.  While I didn’t spend a lot of time on the road or in the air, I did spend a lot of time on the phone.  I was pleased to speak with Major General Smith on the 4th.  As a great example of one team, I assisted with interviews for an instructional design position at National Headquarters on the 5th.   I also had my usual CSAG call, small team call, and Leadership Development Working Group call.  These are in addition to calls from staff and commanders.  I rarely participate in a call that does not benefit me in some way and I enjoy them all.  My new Bluetooth device, acquired in December made the calls even more pleasant.    

In promotions and professional development, I was proud to see Major Steve Wall of MN-104, and a colleague from National Blue Beret, earn his Paul Garber Award in January.  I was also pleased to see Captain Katrina Everhart of MO-001, an extraordinary AE advocate, earn her Garber in January.  Everyone should look at the great work Missouri Wing is doing in aerospace education with their quarterly activities and partnerships.  Major Mary DiMarsico of MO-160 also earned the Garber Award.  I met Mary at Region Staff College in Missouri in December.  Her husband, Bill, directed the Region Cadet Leadership School at Fort Leonard Wood in 2017.  Cadet Nicholas Risko of MO-110, who leads the MOWG CAC, earned the General Ira C. Eaker Award.  I think we will see good things from him in the future!

Missouri Wing had an ELT search and a find in January, kudos MOWG!  IA WG flew AFROTC flights.  Nebraska Wing flew fire patrol.  South Dakota Wing had a SAREX in Pierre.  Kansas Wing had seven AFRCC missions.  MN WG had the Super Bowl HLS mission, a winter survival weekend, and air defense missions.

Next month, we will begin our discussion of the six areas of emphasis General Smith introduced in 2017. 

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