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NCR DEI Newsletter Apr 2024: The member who never came back!

April 3, 2024

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The Member Who Never Came Back

Posted 3 January 2024 by Mid-East Region Facebook                          


It amuses me to think that your group spends so much time looking for new members when I was there all the time.  Do you remember me?  I’m the person you asked to join.  I paid my due and was asked to be a loyal and faithful member.

I’m the person who came to every meeting but nobody paid any attention to me.  I tried to be friendly but everyone seemed to have their own friends to talk and sit with.

I sat with different people several times but they did not pay much attention to me.  I hope somebody would ask me to join one of the committees or do something but no on did.

Finally, because if illness I missed a meeting.  When I came again no one asked me where I had been.  I guess it did note matter whether I came or not.  Next time I decided to stay home and watch a good TV show.  When I came back again no one asked where I was the month before.

You might say I’m a good person, fun loving and religious.  You know what else I am?                                                             I’m the member who never came back.


When Members

Stop Attending

How many meetings until you notice a member is missing?

Does your squadron’s have a strategy to set into motion when members stop attending meetings?

Do you find out why they left and try to make an attempt to win them back?

Do your members feel a sense of connection and belonging? How do you know this? Do you talk to everyone or just those in your clique?

Whose responsibility is it to keep track of members?

What’s the least we can do?

Treat your members well.

Lt Col Bonnie Braun
NCR Diversity Officer

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