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NCR Cadet Competition

2022 North Central Region Cadet Competition

Date: 8-10 April 2022, Teams check in between 1900-2000 on 8 April

Registration Link (Due 2359 on 13 March 2022)

Project Officers: 1st Lt Jennifer Kluzak and 1st Lt Keith Kluzak

Manual in UseCAPP 60-75

Location: Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Questions: Contact the Project Officer Team

Website Last Updated: 27 Mar 2022

The Cadet Competition is a traditional display of precision, excellence, and discipline.  Color guards from around NCR travel to compete for the title of North Central Region Color Guard.  From practical indoor presentations to highly standardized outdoor ceremonies, the cadet competition is designed to select the only the best of the best.  Each year, the top two teams at the North Central Region competition advance to the National Cadet Competition.

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Team Requirements

Wings may send more than one team, but each team must provide the following:

Included Events

The following events will be evaluated at the North Central Region Cadet Competition:

  • Indoor Posting of the Colors

  • Outdoor Posting of the Colors (we'll provide the flag)

  • Standard Drill 

    • Color Guard Standard Drill

    • Element Standard Drill

  • Team Leadership Problem

  • Written Exam

  • Uniform Inspection

    • Uniform Preparation

    • Uniform Spot Inspection

  • Cadet Physical Fitness Test performed on Site


    • Public Speaking 

      • Impromptu Speeches (2-3 minutes)

    • Pre-Competition Service Project (NEW)

    • Panel Quiz (NEW)

*The Cadet Physical Fitness Test will be done AT THE COMPETITION.  The Cadet Competition does NOT use the CPFT from CAPP 60-50, but retains events from the previous CAP fitness test, as laid out in CAPP 60-75, section 2-7 (linked above).  It consists of push-ups, curl-ups, the sit-and-reach, and a one-mile run.  Two cadets from each team must complete each of the exercise-based events, and all cadets (unless medically excused) must complete the run. The exercises are performed as laid out in CAPP 60-75, section 2-7c (linked above).  Push-ups are performed at 3-second cadence until failure.  Curl-ups are performed elbow-to-thigh, max within 60 seconds.  Sit-and-reach is measured in centimeters, but otherwise according to CAPP 60-50.  

Event Logistics

Access to Fort Leonard Wood (Last updated 27 Mar 22)

All visitors over age 18 must apply for a FLW pass.  Person(s) operating a vehicle are required to have in possession a current drivers license, proof of current vehicle insurance and current vehicle registration.

Pass information will be sent in by the NCR Cadet Competition Staff as a group.  Please fill out this form NLT Tuesday, 29 March.  Due to the time it takes to process these, we will not accept late entries,  NO EXCEPTIONS.

Passes will be picked up upon entering Ft. Leonard Wood.  Ft. Leonard Wood no longer accepts for access purposes the state issued driver licenses (DL) or state issued IDs that do not meet the Real ID Act of 2005 standards.  Person(s) requesting access with a non-compliant state DL or ID will need to present along with the non-compliant DL/ID one of the documents below to prove identity in order to be issued a pass or given access to Ft. Leonard Wood.

  • US passport or passport card

  • Certified birth certificate (not a photo copy)

  • Social Security Card (not a photo copy)

  • School identification card with photograph (high school and college age students)

  • US military or draft record (DD Form 214)

  • US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card

  • Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC)

  • US Native American tribal document

  • NEW VA health card

COVID-19 Information (Last updated 27 Mar 22)

No COVID restrictions are in place. It is recommended that those who are vaccinated bring their CDC Vaccination cards in case of emergency.

What to bring: (Last updated 27 Mar 22)

  • Bedding for a twin size bunk for each attendee

  • Full Class B blues uniform, open collar with ribbons and devices IAW CAPR 39-1

  • PT uniform with sneakers

  • Web belts, Flag holsters, and gloves

  • All other appropriate items for a weekend trip

  • RCC will provide flags, flag poles, and rifles


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