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Be sure to check back here often as we are in the process of updating the information and links.


The 2020 NCR/KS Wing Conference has gone virtual! We will be hosting the Conference via Microsoft Teams on May 23rd.
Since we are offering the conference virtually, it is totally free of charge! See below on schedules and access information.  Please be sure to register in-advance.


Three test meetings have been established for attendees and presenters to test their audio, video, chat, and dial-in capabilities.  Please visit Test Meetings for dates, times, and dial-in information.


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Test Meetings

Please view Test Meeting Days and Times, here.  Click Join Meeting to join the session.


Tuesday, May 19: 2000 CDT

Join Meeting

Phone Number: +1 347-378-0694
Conference ID: 555 071 490#
Wednesday, May 20: 2000 CDT

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Phone Number: +1 347-378-0694
Conference ID: 555 071 490#
Thursday, May 21: 2000 CDT

Join Meeting

Phone Number: +1 347-378-0694
Conference ID: 555 071 490#



Conference Schedule

Saturday, May 23rd

Audio-only Dial-in:+1 347-378-0694

International Dial-In Numbers Can Be Found HERE.


Day 1
Join Room 1
ID: 370 271 381#

Day 2
Join Room 2
ID: 207 089 542#

Day 3
Join Room 3
ID: 439 303 908#

Day 4
Join Room 4
ID: 133 394 326#

Day 5
Join Room 5
ID: 794 955 866#

Join Room 6
ID: 489 163 154#

Join Room 7
ID: 79474913#

11 am CDT

Ops Roundtable


Col Kay

AE Roundtable


Lt Col Hahn

IG Summit

(IG's only)

Lt Col Morris

Safety Roundtable


Lt Col Wildman

Chaplain / CDI Info


Ch (Lt Col) Mikitta

Chaplain / Character Development Instructor recruiting, training and utilizing.

The new regulation and supporting publications.

CP Roundtable


Col Winters

A discussion of current issues in cadet programs, including cadet promotion waivers for COVID-19, activities status and virtual cadet meetings/training.

CAC Meeting


C/Maj Holt

1145 am CDT

Lunch Break (on your own)

1 pm CDT



Lt Col Lahan

National Emergency Services Academy - Mobile Training Team

What does it do and how do I get it to come to my Wing?

Tips for Effective Leadership During Uncertain Times

MG Smith

IG Summit

(IG's only)

Lt Col Morris

Chat with CAP/SE


Mark Dulaney



CMSgt Mike Mudry

CP Best Practices


Maj Albright

Reinvigorate your cadet program in this interactive session where you can learn about outside the box ideas to a thriving and engaged Cadet corps.

Learn how to discover your cadets’ interests, and easily introduce disruptive and inventive programming to build enthusiasm and engagement. You’ll leave with your own “book of secrets” - a catalog of executable tips to bring to your cadet programs community.

CAC Info Session

C/Maj Noah Enders

2 pm CDT



Lt Col Larson



Lt Col Lahan

It is more than just your Wing Historian writing a report.

What does it involve and how Senior Members and Cadets can and why they should participate.

IG Summit

(IG's only)

Lt Col Morris

SE Tech Rating


Lt Col Wildman

PA Mailchimp


Maj Albright

Top 5 Ways to Use Email Marketing to Communicate With and Engage Your Members
In this interactive session, learn how email newsletters can be used to motivate and engage cadets and senior members. Email is king; learn how to optimize email marketing tools to keep members in the loop on what’s happening. Watch an email newsletter be created LIVE during this session. Get the tips to make it easy for you to implement with your CAP member community.

A Cadet's Journey


C/Col Iva Hammitt




We will be exploring how to use teammates online (as in person) to accomplish tasks. You will be using your virtual teammates to complete a series of events.

3 pm CDT

WMIRS/eServices Q&A

Col Kay



Col Aye

What is Volunteer University and how will it help me? Join this session to learn more about the new Education and Training program.

IG Summit

(IG's only)

Lt Col Morris

SE Senior Rating


Lt Col Wildman

Mission IO


Lt Oakland

Interested in serving as a Public Information Officer during ES missions?

This course will help you understand the basic principles needed to effectively communicate with both the public and the media during ES operations.

Let’s work together to share the CAP message!

NCC How-To


Maj Jen Smith

What you need to know to get started and why you should encourage your cadets to compete.

Practical suggestions from teams who have been to National Cadet Competition will be included as well.



Cadets will learn the important steps and skills of applying to most CAP events, and also have hands-on application time.

4 pm CDT



Lt Col Winney

Historical Repositories

Lt Col Lahan

A two part discussion:
First: What is a Historical Repository and who can have them.
Second: How and what to Collect, Archive, Preserve in the way of historical materials.

IG Summit

(IG's only)

Lt Col Morris

SE Master Rating


Lt Col Wildman

PA Photography


Lt Col Jaeger

Photography Intro:
This course will introduce students to composition design tools and techniques. We will explore framing, capturing motion, rule of thirds, symmetry, repetition, cropping, and much more.

If you are an aviation photographer or just take photos for your squadron, you will enjoy this knowledge sharing event.

Crisis & Wellness


Ch (Lt Col) Mikitta

These are trying times. Most Americans are living under social distancing restrictions.

The primary purpose of this exercise is to invite every CAP member to assess and reinforce his or her individual wellness by using the Five Pillars of Wellness and Resilience.




Cadets will explore what kinds of proposals they can write and what has been written in the past, by seeing examples of proposals. They will need to decide as teams if the proposal is good or not, then defend their answer.

5 pm CDT

Closing Session

View Recorded Session




How do I access the Region Staff College online?

All links to access the Region Staff College are in the schedule above. Please note, that different parts of the course have different links, so please make sure you're using the correct one.

We are using Microsoft Teams Meetings for the breakout sessions. A dial-in audio-only phone number is also available for the breakout sessions if you have a limited internet connection or if you're unable to get one of the apps to work.

Do I need a .gov email ( email to access Teams?

No, you can access all the sessions via a browser without logging in. 

If you're not a email, you'll need to choose "Continue on this browser" after clicking any of the Join Meeting links. This will allow you to simply type in your name and join as a guest user.

If you are a North Central Region member and have a email, you can download Microsoft Teams for Windows, macOS or Linux or for your phone from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

What if I have never used Microsoft Teams and I want to make sure it works?

Each day leading up to the Conference, June x,y,z we are hosting a test session at 8pm CDT / 7pm MDT. It is highly recommended that you connect to one of these test sessions to verify you will be able to connect for the actual conference. 

It would also be great if you had a webcam and microphone (or headset) to participate in the breakout sessions. If you don't have one, you can try using your phone as it likely has a camera on it.


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