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Mankato Squadron Awards Night

Col Regena Aye attended the Mankato Composite Squadron Award Night, 16 May 2019. Col Aye presented C/Lt Col Annalisa Tostenson received her Eaker Award and Col Garlough presented C/Capt Katherine Tostenson with her Earhart Award. Maj Blane Pierson achieved Level 5 and was presented the Gill Robb Wilson Award by...
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July 2018 Command Trajectory

July proved another busy month for travel and activities in the region. Major General Smith’s final area of emphasis is growing the next generation of leaders. I had plenty of opportunities to see this at work at events in the region! This area of emphasis incorporates three initiatives: the NCO...
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April 2018 Command Trajectory

The third area of emphasis in Major General Smith’s plan is a continued effort on recruiting and retention.  This area of emphasis has three parts:  recruiting, retention, and diversity.  He wants to see CAP grow so we can perform missions for all our new partners!  We grew by 5% in CY17.  He wants to continue to grow but also to keep the members we have.  He would also like to increase our diversity so that we look more like the communities we serve.  How can you help with these initiatives? 

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January 2018 Command Trajectory

I am excited for the new year in North Central Region.  It can be a little tricky to balance CAP duties with work duties in January as it is a very busy time at the college also, preparing for the spring semester to begin.  Speaking of beginnings, I wanted to take a little time in my column to talk about the six areas of emphasis that Major General Smith unveiled when he took command in late August 2017.  We have had a bit of time to think about and understand his vision and how it impacts us as members.  Over the next six months, I want to discuss his credo and his areas of emphasis in more detail. 

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