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January 2018 Command Trajectory

I am excited for the new year in North Central Region.  It can be a little tricky to balance CAP duties with work duties in January as it is a very busy time at the college also, preparing for the spring semester to begin.  Speaking of beginnings, I wanted to take a little time in my column to talk about the six areas of emphasis that Major General Smith unveiled when he took command in late August 2017.  We have had a bit of time to think about and understand his vision and how it impacts us as members.  Over the next six months, I want to discuss his credo and his areas of emphasis in more detail. 

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July 2017 Command Trajectory

I spent the first few days of July in Dayton, Ohio at the National Cadet Competition. I’ve never had the privilege of attending NCC; what an amazing event! I would encourage all wings to try to field a team. Your cadets can really benefit from this opportunity! If they are...
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May 2017 Command Trajectory

It is always nice to be able to work with commanders and support them face-to-face; I had several opportunities in April. On April 11, I had dinner with Col Linette Lahan, the Kansas Wing Commander. Thanks for dropping in on your way to a squadron meeting, Col Lahan. On April...
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April 2017 Command Trajectory

March began with travel to Washington DC for Legislative Day and the Command Council Meeting. I departed from Kansas City on 1 March. Col John Swain and others offered valuable training for our organization’s leaders that afternoon and evening. Legislative Day is the day that CAP leaders make appointments to...
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March 2017 Command Trajectory

February was a light travel month related to Civil Air Patrol and another heavy phone conference month. My first call of the month was with the Leadership Development Working Group on the 2nd. Each group provided a progress update. The team I lead was finishing development of the Just-In-Time Unit...
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